For Students

With the best interest of a student’s success in mind, Mastering Learning has developed a workshops and a handbook that have proven to be very successful in helping students improve their study effectiveness and  achieve their academic goals.



Purposeful Learning: The Key to Remembering Information

This highly interactive workshop provides participants with information on how the brain works and the best ways to study to ensure learning. The content of the workshop is based on brain science and educational psychology principles but is delivered in a fun and understandable format. Discussion and learning activities are utilized to demonstrate how the brain functions and the corresponding learning strategies found to be most effective. This workshop is customizable for grades 7 through graduate college. Application exercises can be customized for various disciplines including medical sciences, and aviation.

Individual Customized Student Session or Group Workshop Includes : 

Initial assessment of student or group’s goals and challenges

Development of session based on student or group’s needs

One hour face-to-face learning session for individual or 1.5 hour workshop presentation for group

Using Your Brain to Learn: Strategies for Success


Handouts and materials to support session concepts

Up to 30-minute follow-up Skype or phone coaching session

Workshop Pricing

Individual Session:  $115

Group Session:  $95/student*

*includes up to six students. Groups exceeding six will be quoted separately. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss your needs for a larger group.


Using Your Brain to Learn - Strategies For Success

This handbook was developed to assist students in becoming successful learners. It is based on brain science and educational psychology principles, yet is written in a light conversational style.

Using Your Brain to Learn - Strategies For Success

Topics discussed include:

    The concepts of memory

    How learning occurs

    Learning strategies and the best situations in which to use them

    How to study more effectively, develop a study schedule, and to perform better on tests

This handbook is currently being used in both high schools and universities and continues to be recognized as a valuable resource in assisting students in becoming better, more successful learners. The book is included as part of the Using Your Brain to Learn workshop or it can be purchased separately for $20. Order Now!