“This is Albert! I just want to tell you that I got scored an 88 on the pathology exam and a 94 on the pharmacology exam, and it is all thanks to your counseling and studying strategies! Now I have friends asking to join our new study group! Again, thank you so much for your help. I should have came to see you earlier in year one. I’ll keep you updated with my endeavors in case I stumble yet again.”

- Albert, Student

“I took your advice and really slowed down with test taking and read each question very carefully. Your study schedule is working great. Thanks!”

- Kate, Medical Student

“I was earning the lowest grades in the class, then I worked with Dr. Mary. My professor asked what I was doing because I was suddenly earning the highest grades in the class.I told him I was using Dr. Mary’s methods.”

- Student

“Why hasn’t anyone ever told me this before? I’m so excited! I want to go home right now and study!”

- Student

“I honestly don’t know how I was able to get to this point in my life academically, without really know how to learn material. I wish I had com e across your book a long time ago. Personally, I believe your methods and book should be a requirement for every University.”

- Student

“Dr. Mary’s high energy and knowledge of “how to learn” was delightful. My whole family attended and gained valuable learning knowledge.”

- Parent

“Dr. Mary presents well and in a way that both youth and adults can understand. She was concise and to the point.”

- Parent

“Excellent workshop. Very valuable for both parents and teachers.”

- Instructor


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