About Mastering Learning

Mastering Learning provides a unique approach combining the principles of educational psychology along with the latest discoveries from brain science to assist both students and instructors experience success in any learning environment.

By using these techniques, students learn more and in an efficient manner which leads to better grades and greater feelings of success. Instructors using these principles are able to design and develop instruction that allows students to enjoy the instruction and learning process which increases their motivation, participation, and engagement.

The effectiveness of the information provided in the workshops and handbook are due to the fact that the strategies discussed work in alignment with how our brains learn.

We provide workshops for both Students and Instructors.

Mastering Learning strives to help individuals achieve their highest potential by providing the teaching and learning skills and knowledge necessary for success.

We also provide workshops for instructors to help them develop instruction that is effective and inspiring.

Dr. Mary has written a handbook that is utilized in her workshops, as well as by many students, colleges and universities around the country.


Using Your Brain to Learn - Strategies For Success

This handbook was developed to assist students in becoming successful learners. It is based on brain science and educational psychology principles, yet is written in a light conversational style.

Using Your Brain to Learn - Strategies For Success

Topics discussed include:

    The concepts of memory

    How learning occurs

    Learning strategies and the best situations in which to use them

    How to study more effectively, develop a study schedule, and to perform better on tests

This handbook is currently being used in both high schools and universities and continues to be recognized as a valuable resource in assisting students in becoming better, more successful learners. The book is included as part of the Using Your Brain to Learn workshop or it can be purchased separately for $20. Order Now!

Mary Niemczyk, PhD

Dr. Mary is an Associate professor at Arizona State University. Before joining the ASU faculty, Dr. Niemczyk earned her PhD in Learning & Instructional Technology at ASU.

Dr. Mary’s research interests center on improving instructional and learning strategies to enhance the performance of individuals in complex, ill-defined environments, such as aviation and medical sciences. Her work also focuses on determining the best attributes, knowledge and skills that can lead to successful performance in training and job performance, as well as how to incorporate and effectively utilize the talents of the Millennial generation in the workplace. The results of her research have been widely published in peer-reviewed journals, as well as books.

In addition, Dr. Mary founded Mastering Learning, which provides faculty, students and parents resources to improve instruction and learning. Examples of these resources includes a handbook, Using Your Brain to Learn: Strategies for Success, an ebook, How to Study in College: Proven Strategies for Success, as well as multiple workshops for faculty, students and parents. She is also the co-founder of boxxed, which provides solutions for improving workplace performance by bridging the gap between generational cohorts.

dr mary


"I was earning the lowest grades in the class, then I worked with Dr. Mary. My professor asked what I was doing because I was suddenly earning the highest grades in the class.I told him I was using Dr. Mary’s methods."


"Dr. Mary, you are brilliant! This is so cool, I wish I could go home right now and start studying!


"Dr. Mary’s high energy and knowledge of “how to learn” was delightful. My whole family attended and gained valuable learning knowledge.