Since 2008, Mastering Learning, has been assisting students  improve their learning strategies and study effectiveness. We also assist instructors on how to design and deliver curriculum that is motivating and impactful. We believe teaching and learning should be inspiring, enlightening and effective!

We offer group and individual workshops, each customized for the particular student or group of students. We also provide workshops for college instructors to help them develop instruction that will ensure students learn course content and are able to transfer that knowledge and those skills appropriately.

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With the best interest of a student’s success in mind, Mastering Learning has developed a workshop and a handbook that have proven to be very successful in helping students improve their study effectiveness and achieve their academic goals.


Mastering Learning supports inspirational teaching and assists instructors in developing instruction to not only teach the content but also how to assist their students successfully learn the material. Ultimately, it benefits the instructors and students as they are both more successful if the process of exchanging knowledge and good study habits are implemented.

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“This is Albert! I just want to tell you that I got scored an 88 on the pathology exam and a 94 on the pharmacology exam, and it is all thanks to your counseling and studying strategies! Now I have friends asking to join our new study group! Again, thank you so much for your help. I should have came to see you earlier in year one. I’ll keep you updated with my endeavors in case I stumble yet again.” - Albert, Student 

“I took your advice and really slowed down with test taking and read each question very carefully. Your study schedule is working great. Thanks!” - Kate, medical student

“Dr. Mary’s theories and approach have brought excitement back into my career. I had lost a bit of passion for teaching and now it’s back and I notice the difference in my students as well.” - Professor

“Nice job! Lots of value and I learned new techniques. Participating in the exercises was helpful.” - Parent

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